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As many of you may have noticed I have been absent from updating my blog. I actually moved a few months ago and was hoping I could keep up with my photography business and just commute. Well, another change has occurred. My husband got a new job and we will be moving across the country. I won‚Äôt be commuting anymore ūüôĀ I hope to start up again once we have settled into our new area! I have loved, LOVED working with the people in Las Cruces, and the surrounding areas. Thank you for all the support! I will miss you! So here is a leap into a new adventure!!!


Sneak Peek: Wedding

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Such a beautiful weekend for a wedding!  Congratulations Jessie & Sara!HIL_0327 HIL_0410 HIL_0366 HIL_0623b&w HIL_0395


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Teenagers and especially this beauty was such a blast to work with on this photo shoot. ¬†She had so much energy and style. ¬†And she was willing to try out new and different poses in front of the camera. ¬†She had a sweet spark and personality that was easily captured through the lens. ¬†Thanks for the fun night out! ¬†Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished!¬†Melissa68 HIL_8288 Melissa18 Melissa01 HIL_8082 Read More…

Romney Family

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I just love this family! ¬†They were such a blast to photograph. ¬†And those kids, they know how to take a picture. ¬†I don’t think I have ever had kids as young as them look at the camera for so many shots. ¬†I had tons to choose from! ¬†And this location was awesome. ¬†The weather and trees were absolutely beautiful and might I add, picturesque ūüėČ ¬†Enjoy scrolling through the session with the Romney’s!
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Lepinski Senior and Family Session

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This session was awesome! ¬†It was a two in one family/senior session. ¬†We started off with the Senior and he did such a great job. ¬†I love how these turned out. ¬†And I think the ones with his brand new motorcycle are some of my favorites. ¬†Then it was time for everyone else. ¬†I love the dynamics of a family. ¬†The combination of each personality forms a perfect puzzle together. ¬†Thanks for letting me get to know your wonderful family. ¬†Enjoy the pictures!Lepinski03 Lepinski12 Lepinski08 HIL_6984Lepinski04 Read More…


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Vivian is 3! ¬†Yay! ¬†I was so happy to get to know this precious little girl and her family over the last couple of years. ¬†This was my last session with them since they have just recently moved. ¬†And what a way to go! ¬†Vivian had her own private session. ¬†And it was a blast! ¬†She showcased so much personality through the lens and the images turned out just as cute as ever! ¬†I hope this beautiful family can look back at these images and remember not only, how adorable, bright, and lively Vivian is, but also the wonderful time they had in New Mexico! ¬†Good luck on life’s adventures Kunz family and Happy Birthday sweet Vivian!!!Vivian35 Vivian18 Vivian04 Vivian08 Read More…

Sergio: Photographer

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This senior session was so fun! ¬†We were able to go to several locations and the weather was perfect. He did such an awesome job in front of the camera. ¬†I didn’t have to work to get a shot. ¬†Nothing felt stiff or posed. ¬†And let’s talk about the items he brought along. ¬†They were perfect at showcasing his personality and interests. It was awesome! ¬†Congratulations Sergio! ¬†Have a great senior year!!Sergio64 Sergio50 Sergio49 Sergio11 Sergio07 Read More…

Dentist: Las Cruces Business Photographer

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What a fun session! ¬†These great Dentists needed new and professional profile pictures for their business website. ¬†So we had a quick mini session and got some great shots! ¬†Halloween is over, so it’s time for your children to head to the dentist. ¬†Check out this awesome team here and book your childs’ appointment!HIL_5069b&wlogo HIL_5035logo HIL_5028logo HIL_5088logo Read More…

Dieter: Las Cruces Photographer

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This is my little 4 year old! ¬†Oh my goodness, I can’t believe he is that old! ¬†I usually have these pictures done and ready for his actual birthday but this year it was a little hectic. ¬†So the day after his birthday we went out to a desert spot to take his big boy pictures! ¬†He was creative and brought most of the props! ¬†I love how they turned out and I love him!!! ¬†Happy Birthday, handsome man!HIL_5746 HIL_5632 HIL_5702 HIL_5664 HIL_5762 Read More…

Daisy: Senior Photographer New Mexico

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This lovely senior drove 45 minutes to get her senior pictures taken, and I am certainly glad she did! ¬†It was such a blast! ¬†She chose the max package which allowed us to go to lots of locations around Las Cruces. ¬†We jumped in and out of the car as she changed from one stunning outfit to the next. ¬†It never felt rushed, just fun and exciting! ¬†I can’t wait for you to see these, so scroll through and tell me which pictures are your favorite!!
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