HS Senior Photography @ hilarystaileyphotography.com

  • What should I wear?
    • First, it depends on the package size you chose, but I will give you some suggestions.  When you look back at the pictures, you’ll want to see your style.  So I would pick a casual, typical high school outfit.  Another option, the dressy, fun, vibrant outfit. You know you’ll look amazing and an exciting dress will photograph beautifully.  Wearing your sports uniform is another fun option!  One piece of advice I always give my clients is to take a picture of yourself in the outfit before you make your final decision.  Make sure you love it and feel confident!
  • Can I bring any props?
    • Yes!  In fact I encourage you to do so.  If you play an instrument, bring it.  If you play a sport bring something that represents it.  I want to capture your hobbies and interests!
  • When will I see the pictures?
    • 2 weeks after the photoshoot I will send you the link to view your pictures.  You can view them up to 2 weeks before they are moved from the site.  So download and order your prints as soon as possible!!!
  • When do I pay for the session?
    • The session fee is due the day of the photoshoot.
  • When do I pay for the prints?
    • I will order your prints as soon as I get your payment.
  • When can I expect to see the print orders?
    • Prints will be ready 2 weeks after your order payment.
  • What is your editing process?
    • I want your pictures to stand out from the rest, so I edit accordingly.  I have taken editing classes and spend many hours perfecting my skills in camera and photoshop.  When taking senior pictures I make sure to brighten eyes and edit skin blemishes.  I add an overall look that is clean and stylish.
  • Why can I only print sizes up to 8×10?
    • If you want wall prints, I want to make sure they look their absolute best!  I order prints through one of the finest print companies.  Some of the cheap printing companies give the pictures gray, blue or yellow hues that don’t reflect my style.  So I want to make sure, what you see is what you get!